Our Cleaning Services

Office rooms

Dusting, wiping and spot cleaning of, glass or hard board partitions, furniture, switch plates and other surfaces. Emptying of trash, carpet vacuuming and floor mopping is also included in office cleaning.


Thorough cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing of sink, tub and/or shower tiles, toilet base, rim. Cleaning of vanity top, mirrors and window sills as well as dusting and spot wiping of all surfaces. Vacuuming, drying floor together with changing towels and toiletries.


Cleaning counter tops, surfaces of all appliances, window sills, baseboard, switch plates. Dusting, spot wiping or washing of cabinet fronts, tables and chairs. Washing dishes together with disinfecting and scrubbing kitchen sink and floor. Emptying trash, vacuuming and drying.


Making beds, dusting all areas together with wiping and spot cleaning of walls, picture frames, lampshades, mirrors, doors and window sills. Vacuuming carpets and emptying trash.

Other Living Areas, Hallways and Stairways

Methodical cleaning, dusting, wiping or spot cleaning of all areas, picture frames, lampshades, switch plates, baseboards, window sills and tables. Vacuuming of furniture, carpeted floors or damp moping and drying of hard wood or tile floors.

Window Cleaning

Our maids are well trained to carefully and delicately handle cleaning of all windows and other glass surfaces. However, as of now we only undertake cleaning of window surfaces that are within safe reach for the maids.

Garden Services

Our gardens services include complete maintenance through watering plants, grooming and pruning of plants, bushes, flower beds as well as through cleaning of garden ponds.

Office Boys/Girls

We provide office boys or girls for all cleaning needs at shift basis. Once you provide us with your requirement we are able to allocate just the right person to ensure a job well done.


We offer complete domestic and commercial 1st class ironing service with our experienced maids who posses fine knowledge on material differences and ironing techniques.

Pet Care

We are able to provide professional pet-sitting services for your dog, cat, birds and other pets to ensure that your pets cared for while you're away. We ensure reliable and responsible service and utmost care for your pets with our professional staff.

Baby Sitting

We'll take care of your baby when you are out, with all the professionalism and trust that you can rely on. Our babysitters are guaranteed to be fully reliable and trustworthy with references and excellent reports from our clients.

Party Assistance

Our party assistants provide help with pre-party preparation, serving during the function, and clean-up. Our servers are not licensed bartenders; therefore they may serve alcoholic beverages but not pour them.

Concierge services

Different entities may have varied requirements through a concierge. We are able to provide trained and reliable concierge to assists you by performing various tasks to suit your particular requirement at any given point.

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